Home Made Sports Drinks

PoweradeQuite frankly I am sick of paying huge amounts of money for sports drinks. However, I am a keen sportsman and need these types of drinks to replenish myself during my training runs, swims and bikes.

1 x 86g sachet of drink powder (Raro gives sweeter flavour and slightly high carbohydrate content that Refresh- I prefer the Raro but my wife the Refresh)
1 tbsp sucrose (table sugar)
1 teaspoon of table salt


Mix the Raro, sugar and salt together with 1400mls of freshly chilled water. Refrigerate.

The resulting liquid will give you approx the following for 100mls
7.5 grams carbohydrate – 7.5%
110mg of Sodium
27mg of potassium
21mg of caffeine

This is almost the same ingredients as a regular powerade drink.
If you want to make the carbohydrate level less ( i.e hypotonic) make a 2 litre batch rather than 1500mls.
If you want to make the carbohydrate level more( i.e hypertonic) make a 750ml batch rather than 1500mls.

This drink is guaranteed to stop cramp and provide lasting energy on those long runs. I am training for a Half Ironman and have yet to cramp up at all. Incidentally it will also save you a packet of money. The cost of this drink is around 91 cents.

To make it in bulk I do the following. Buy about 10 packets of drink powder and then add 10 tablespoons of sugar and 10 teaspoons of salt into a big container. I then have ameasuring spoon and have worked out that one spoon makes 300mls.

The next step for me comes in designing a name and label for this drinks. Please add your suggestions in the comment section. The winning name will get a free sample.


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  1. very good post, I’m also looking for acai supplements. I found a lots of websites online.
    There are also some review sites about acai berry tablet, are they true or not?

    Anyway, I’ll try acai soon.

  2. Great site…keep up the good work.

  3. Bottled fruit juice labels provide the sugar content information needed to make natural homemade sports drinks. This provides a sports drink with the optimum sugar concentration for most rapid absorption of the fluid into your body and no refined sugar is needed. Stevia can be used for sweetening & flavor enhancement whenever the diluted fruit juice tastes too bland.

  4. where does the caffine come from? pretty sure raro doesnt have caffine in it
    21mg of caffeine

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