New Years Resolutions – Ozy needs ideas

For some reason, perhaps it was my upbringing, but setting goals is an intricate part of my life. With this in mind it is no surprise that New Years resolutions are my speciality. I thrive on every aspect of this yearly process. Over the years my New Years resolutions have shaped Ozy into the man you see today.

Three years ago who thought it would be possible to eat 7 wheetbix for breakfast for every day of the entire year. Two years ago people couldn’t believe it was possible to wear the same item of clothing for an entire year, something which I proved with relative ease. As this year comes to an end I have used the same Gillette Razor everyday for an entire year.

Sadly, though I am a rare breed in this sphere of life. A large percentage of society shrug their shoulders at New Years and spend the time eating and drinking too much.  Another large group go to the opposite extreme and make huge plans, usually around the theme of diets and fitness, and have failed by the second Sunday in January. In my opinion these people fail to realise the potential of this time of year and ultimately they don’t take the opportunity that the beginning of a new year offers.

New Years should be seen as a chance to turn over a new page in your book of life. For those unfamiliar with reading New Years could then be seen as a chance to change the channel of your life. For those without a TV New Years could be a chance to turn over a new leaf. I think you get my drift!!!

Sadly though my yearly time of reflection has hit a dry patch and I am struggling on what could be a good New Years resolution for Ozy Mandias in 2010. Remember this is the start of a new decade so I want something special and memorable. Here is where you, a valued Ozymandias Warning reader, can help me. I would like to put forward this proposition. You can put forward your ideas for Ozy’s 2010 New Years challenge. To do this leave a comment below detailing the exact nature of Ozy’s challenge. I will look through the ideas and come up with a list of the challenges I think are the best and attempt them in 2010.

No idea is to bazaar in this competition so put on your thinking hat and put forward your idea. There is however one catch to every idea that you put forward. To keep things in perspective each person who nominates an idea must choose one of following two conditions on your challenge.

Firstly, you have to try to complete the challenge as well during 2010.

If you don’t like that option you can choose to provide a wager or incentive to assist me in my 2010 quest.


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  1. Suggestion One: Wear the same underwear everyday for a year (for hygiene reasons washing is allowed). I will have to put up a wager for this one of $50 as don’t think matching you with this would be good for my marriage and reproduction!

  2. Suggestion Two: Make a tube of toothpaste last for a year – will match you with this one.

  3. Suggestion Three: Give your brother in-law a gift every week of the year 🙂 Will think of some more over the next few days ….

  4. Don’t cut your hair for a year

  5. Buy your wife flowers every day for a year …. and I will wager not money but a kiss for every flower 🙂

  6. Read a psalm every day for a year … I will match you for this one

  7. Phone your mother once a week and have a five minute conversation where you listen attentively and also make conversation appropriately…. I’m sure your mother would really appreciate this one!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment Mrs Goodthought. SDaly your idea is not a good thought. 5 minutes is a long time to pretend to talk to someone. 30 seconds a better option.

      • 30 seconds doesn’t really rate although I think your mother would think thirty seconds is better than nothing!!!! Happy phoning!!

      • 30 seconds!!! Is that the best you can do….maybe alittle longer would be better… go on give it a go…you can do it, I know you can!!!

  8. Hi Ozy,
    Give your Brother in laws best friend some jobs to do this year
    Love my best friend, stephens suggestions and liked your wifes and ms goodthoughts suggestions

  9. Get out of bed before 6am every day for the year (although you probably already do this!). $50 if you can do it

  10. Post a blog every day of the year

  11. my sister requested that you eat the same food every day for a year – breakfast, lunch and dinner. ie) weetbix for breaky, sandwich for lunch, meat and tatties for dinner … eat and repeat everyday. No changes allowed, not even the spread on your sandwiches.

  12. Run a marathon once a week
    It can be done on your own. you could run for 42.5kms non stop. you also can create your own route.

  13. Go a year with out watching TV. you still allowed to watch tv at school or a dvd/video out of home.

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