England Robbed in South Africa

England's disallowed goal

The talk prior to the FIFA WORLD CUP had been about South African security at the World Cup. South Africa is a crime ridden country and many people had expressed their concerns of crime on the streets and in the alleys. Already a TVNZ crew has had some audiovisual gear stolen from their hotel and now in the England soccer team has been robbed in broad daylight. The robbery actually happened right on the field of play where the 3 Lions were denied an obvious goal in their important game against Germany.

While nobody has been charge with the offense, many people have finger pointed the referee J Larrionda from Uraguay. From what I know about Uragauy this wouldn’t surprise me!! CCTV footage has shown that his accomplices were two linesmen whose identities have been kept quiet by FIFA

Fortunately due to technology the we have managed to find this picture of the robbery in progress. What do you think??


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  1. Melbourne Storm

    Well the best team won, they were better all over the field.
    Luckily England has 1966 to remember cause they wont win another ever.

  2. nah, the thieves of the tournament are uruguay. football needs a version of rugbys penalty try. that blatent cheating has got them a crack in the semis at the expense of the clean ghanians

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