New Zealand Cricket has endorsed Black Caps bowler Hamish Bennett in his bid to open a sideline confectionery business. His confectionery will be known as ‘Bennett’s Bowling Allsorts’, and will be based loosely around his bowling style. Buyers of the confectionery won’t know what they are getting until they put their hand into the bag and pull out something. The idea, just like his bowling, is that what comes out of the hand will be a total surprise to everyone.

Bennett said that the inspiration for the ‘bowling allsorts’ came from watching himself bowl in the recent World Cup clash against Australia. “We were watching and analysing our bowling after the match and it came around to looking at my bowling. I thought I was just watching a highlights package and when Wrighty commented on my bowling resembling a 50 cent mixture I had the confectionery brain wave.” Bennet has said that the interest in his new product has been excellent, with even Aussie fast bowler Mitchel Johnson asking to buy 40% of the business.

This is not the first time that New Zealand Cricket has attempted to make money on the side. Last year they introduced ‘no run’ pantyhose, which has been extremely popular with the female market. Rumours that other Black Caps are thinking of going into the confectionery market have not been confirmed, however, insiders believe that Jacob Oram was thinking about opening a ‘jaffa’ styled lolly. However, it is believed he has had trouble producing one for the last three seasons.

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