I’m Alarmed

My Book is Finally CompletedToday my dream has been answered.

Firstly, I must apologise for the lateness. It has not been easy for me as I have had to change the dates of two separate book launches. This was disappointing as once you set a date for an important event I believe you shouldn’t change it. Sadly the hundreds of people that turned up to those events, had to be turned away empty handed.

Like most ventures of this size there were some areas where we failed to stick to our strategic plan. Overall the book was thirty six days over schedule and the $1.48 budget blow out will be difficult to explain to the shareholders. However, I believe when they get a copy in their hands all will be forgiven. I particularly like the gold ribbon I included as a handy bookmark. This helps some of my older readers as they sometimes forget where they are up to.

In total four people purchased books. This was a little less than I expected but this is my first book and my publisher has told me that even Stephen King struggled with his first book. However, upon getting home I looked on the web and found his first book, Carrie, actually sold over a 1 million copies in paper back. I also found that the book was turned into a feature film, a musical and a TV movie. I guess my publisher,who happens to be my wife, was just trying to build my confidence.

I have included a few photos of my books in the hope that when you see it you may be tempted to part with your cash for this impressive piece of literature. I have also put in a couple of comments from some people who have read the book. They were willing to part with their cash for such a splendid piece of writing and I challenge you to do the same.

Fantastic – it’s the most emotional book I’ve ever read’
Brittney Spears

It seems unlikely a better blog book will ever be written. Despite Ozy’s no-nonsense attitude and spare language, I’m Alarmed puts you continually in the mind of a genius.
Homer Simpson

His blog is awesome. It is also enthralling, inspirational and an impressive testimony to one man’s unquenchable instinct for writing and the amazing resilience of the human spirit.
Barak Obama

In straight forward, staggering honest prose, Ozy tells us what it took, and what it feel like to be in his skin during 2008. If you pick this book up you will not be able to put it down.
Iva Itchycrack

This book makes you question your own strength and weaknesses. Would you have resorted to building a golf course in your backyard or taken on Ray Coster in an eating contest. Only a handful of people know the answers to these questions. Ozy Mandias is one – and his dramatic blog is moving, powerful and riveting.
Rusty Bedsprings

Once in a life time a book is written which transcends time. Sadly this is not one of these books, but a good read nonetheless.
Time Magazine

A book so advanced that many of its readers won’t appreciate it brilliance until it is too late.
Helen Clarke

Sadly, I do have to remind you the introductory offer of $4 has now gone and you will be required to pay the full $39.95 + pandp. Sadly this is a business decision and I need to cover some of my overheads.

Finally, some advice for my loyal readers. Sometimes in life ‘opportunity’ knocks lightly and usually only once. Four people realised that a few months ago and signed up for a book via my website. Tonight as they go to bed they so knowing that tomorrow I’m Alarmed will be in their hot little hands and for them life will be that little bit better. Thousands of other people reading this will go to bed with that ‘what if’ feeling. So my advice is simple next year make sure you sign up quickly for Ozy’s 2009 book to avoid the aching disappointment you now feel in your gut.


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