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It has taken Chris Martin 64 test matches, 12869 deliveries and 210 wickets but the New Zealand pace bowler finally found his batting bunny. In one of life’s biggest ironies Martin, often considered the world’s best batting bunny, has stumbled upon Australian opener Phil Hughes. In cricketing terms the hunted has become the hunter.

Hughes has been dismissed by Martin in his last four innings, all caught at second slip and all caught by Martin Guptil.

At this stage the ICC is considering removing Chris Martin from the number one position on the Cricinfo ‘worst batter list’ and putting in the hapless Aussie opener. However, no Australian has ever held this position and there is concerns at the political backlash at such a move.


POWER BALANCE BRACELET SCAM – What took people so long?


On this day Strauss only wore one Powerband, he left his other 28 at home.

The Powerbalance wristband worn by high profile sports stars that claims to improve athletic performance has been exposed as a sham by the Australian consumer watchdog. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has ordered Power Balance Australia to refund all customers who feel they were misled by the supposed benefits of Power Balance bands.

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John Wrights struggles to find quality players to fill Black caps squads

John Wright has named his first New Zealand Cricket team and has admitted the hardest task was finding enough quality players to fill all the positions. In today’s announcement the T20 squad, the Test squad and a 30 man One Day World Cup team were all announced. In all about 60 names were read out which pretty much covers the entire number of cricket players in New Zealand.

Apparently the hardest part of the entire process was finding enough players to fill all of the positions, particularly for the 30 man squad to play in the upcoming Cricket World Cup.

“Finding 30 names was really difficult.” John Wright said at the press conference earlier today. “In the end I had to just invent a couple of names like Adam Milne and Dean Brownlee which I added to the list. The real problem will be if there are people with these names and they will think they have been chosen. They will be in for a nasty shock when they arrive at New Zealand cricket headquarters later this week.