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The Black Caps have rejected a request from the Kenyan Federation for Cricket ( KFC for short) to have a 5000m running relay race instead of the scheduled One Day Cricket International on Sunday evening. The Kenyans, who have a strong background in running, apparently believe their best chance of victory comes on the running track and not the cricket pitch in this important World Cup game. They KFC had envisaged a ten man relay race with each competitor running 500m and then tagging their partner.

Insiders say that some of the Black caps were actually keen to race the Kenyans and tackle them at their point of strength. In particular running whippets Martin Guptil and Ross Taylor were both keen to take on the Kenyans on a steeplechase course. However, sanity prevailed, when it was realised that the Black Caps would have to wear the same lycra outfits that Mark Richardson made famous a few years back.