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Using the same Gillette Razor Blade for a Year!!

So how long does the average Gillette Fusion Razor last? This was the question I posed at the start of this year after I received a free Gillette Razor for buying a pair of shorts.

I wrote earlier this year (click for original blog) about my aim of trying to use that very same razor for the entire year. I think now as we are approaching half way through the year I should give you an update.

Overall things are going well. About 6 weeks back things looked bad. The blade was starting scratch and I had an uncomfortable rash on my neck and other areas of my body. However, after consulting my local pharmacist she actually pointed out the rash was nothing to do with my razor and more to do with the fact I would wear my running gear for an entire week without washing it!!

So how is the blade after 5 months daily usage?

The overall appearance of the blade is okay. Unfortunately getting a picture suitable for blogging quality has been hard. The convenient moisture strip ( the blue strip on the picture) is worn completely through in some places and the bright orange paint is therefore exposed and flaking.

These minor cosmetic aspects don’t actually affect the performance of the blade and the resulting shave. Sure it doesn’t cut the same way it did on the first shave but the difference between the sharpness of the blade after one months and five months is negligible.
The single razor on the back has become a gift from heaven. I use this baby on special occasions, for a closer, more manly feel.

So overall things are going well. I have to also remember to say a big thanks to all those who have offered advice for me on my own shaving pilgrimage. The most helpful being members of my maths class who suggested I use peanut butter instead of shaving cream. Apparently it does just as good job.

So it is onward and upward in my quest to use the same blade for a year. I will keep you posted with how things are going in about 3 months.

One Razor One Year

Today I am officially 3 months into an intensive men’s study. This is a study which I have kept secret for sometime but I feel now is the time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag.
Three months ago to this day I purchased a pair of shorts from The Warehouse. As a good will gesture for my pirchase I received a complimentary Gillette Fusion Razor.

I was extremely excited about this puppy as it is the Granddaddy of razors. It oozes class, sophistication and style. Gone is the one bald wonder. No, this razor has five, count ’em, FIVE blades. Lubricating comfort strips, a textured aluminium handle. To this end it is endorsed by none other than Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, the two most consistent sportsmen in the World. This is a razor that reeks of charm.

The actual make up is similar to other shavers, but that is where similarities end. Consisting of a total of five razors not one edge is void of a blade. In fact I have a blade for everything – normal shaving, sideburns, nose hair and probably even a convenient ‘suicide’ blade hidden in the handle I have yet to find. Opposite the five ruthlessly efficient, meticulously crafted blades lies a lone blade for precision sculpting of my sideburns and moustache (if I’m in the mood). While the average kiwi bloke uses a single blade to shave their whole face, the only time I use just one is for making small touch ups to my power mo.

If you haven’t tried the Gillette Fusion yet I suggest you give it a go. Gone are the simple bic one blade razors that ‘bunny hop’ across your face. Bic makes pens, and what’s more they make pens for students. Have you ever seen John Key signing his new laws with one of those things? I rest my case.

This standard of shaving doesn’t come cheap though. In the past it used to be ten disposables for $3. In today’s climate you need a small loan from your local loan shark just for a 4 pack refill.

That is why this year I have decided to work for the good of the male species. We know the Fusion blade is style and class. But does it have the staying power needed in today’s busy world. So I am testing my current Fusion to see just how long one blade will last. So far, after 8 weeks, I have been presently surprised with my preliminary findings. After about 4 weeks the conveniently placed moisture strip had worn clear. On the refill cartridge it says this is the indicator for you to switch to a new blade. I ignored this advice and the reality is that it has made no difference at all.

Despite this I realise it is still early days. I am sure as the year slowly continues my blade will get less effective and that is when things could get interesting. Rest assured I will keep you posted on any further progress.


Sick and tired of forking out hundreds of dollars each year on expensive little shaving blades I set out to see if it was possible to use the same Gillette Razor for an entire year. The deal was I had to shave everyday and I can confirm it is possible to use the same razor. The pathetic moisture strip lasted it’s normal month but I carried on. Things got a little hard over the winter months and by the end I had to shave every day, otherwise it would have been very painful.

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