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The NZRFU have this morning called back its legion of rugby ‘secret agents’ sent out 4 years ago in preparation for the 2011 rugby World Cup. The last trio of agents, including Dingo Deans, Quade Cooper and Digby Ioane, were last night involved in their last assignment in the semi-final game against the All Blacks.

It has been well documented within New Zealand media the roles of Deans, Cooper and Ionia, as secret agents sent out by New Zealand Rugby to disrupt opposition build up and planning. They were part of around 30 odd players sent out by Graham Henry 4 years ago with the mandate from Henry to disrupt, distort and ultimately railroad their newly selected countries. Looking at results this team of secret agents have done their job perfectly with Gatland, Deans and Quade Cooper no doubt the stand outs

Warren Gatland did a superb job at Wales, managing to come across as a good coach and get the Welsh moving forward but by failing to teach them how to tackle within the laws of the game he realised they would come unstuck at key times. At this stage Gatlands future is not certain but most wouldn’t be surprised if he is sent out on another ‘mission’ to either Wales or England.

However, it is secret agent Deans and his side kick Cooper who have been the most effective secret agents in their 4 year overseas mission. Like Gatland, Cooper, has managed to impress enough to win approval in his adopted country but when push has come to shove he has come through for New Zealand with dismal performances. Well Done, Quade, New Zealand salutes you.

Deans has been equally as effective for New Zealand and has even managed to get the Australian rugby Union to sign him on for another 4 years of secret service for New Zealand rugby. Deans has had the team for 4 years and in that time has failed to find a forward pack, failed to develop a game plan capable of beating and all black team ripped apart with injury and importantly failed to win against teams like Samoa and Ireland in World Cup year. But off the field he is a ‘fantastic bloke’ and the lack of ‘fantastic blokes’ in Aussie means that most probably the NZRFU will extend his secret service after Christmas.

Initially the NZRFU had been against Henry sending out these New Zealanders on a mission of this kind. Without doubt it is the first time it has been done to this degree and if the All Blacks manage to win this weekend against France you can bet that come 2012 a new group of New Zealanders will be sent out for mission ‘twenty fifteen’.
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New Zealand Search and Rescue have announced they are still concerned for the whereabouts of Quade Cooper. The Australian fly half disappeared at Eden Park last night at around 7:35pm and has not been seen since. Cooper was last seen steering down the All Black haka but after that he seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Cooper was spotted by some at various stages throughout the evening but at this stage these sightings have yet to be proven. The strongest lead so far was when Cooper was seen back peddling like a frighten wombat and then throwing a wild pass in his own in goal area. Details of this sighting are sketchy and have not been confirmed by New Zealand Search and Rescue.

New Zealand search and rescue co-ordinator, Iva Lostman, was optimistic following his team’s brief search of the ground following the full time whistle.

“We hope that Cooper will be found, however we cant rule out the fact that last night might be his last time he is seen at Eden Park. He is unfamiliar with this kind of environment and for us that was the most frustrating part. Going into a test environment like this without core survival skills such as the ability to kick and tackle is just asking for trouble. We see this time and again from the Australian Rugby Union. They need to realise putting people in these situations, against a rampant All Black team, without the necessary skills is just dangerous.”

All Black coach Graham Henry was also concerned with the missing Quade Cooper, even offering to abseil down the grandstand at Eden Park to see if the Australian was hiding in the guttering. Sources close to the All Black believe that Henry sees Australian Cooper and South African coach Pieter de Villiers as vital cogs in his team holding the Webb Ellis Trophy aloft in October. Looking at their records who would bet against Quade , I can’t tackle or kick Cooper and Peter, lets stick with the old fellas, de Villiers train wrecking their teams in the semi-finals of the Rugby World Cup.
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