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World Rugby’s ‘Judas Coach’, Robbie Deans, is over the moon at his sides opening win over Italy at the Rugby World Cup which extends his winning streak to 3 games. The comfortable victory over the Italians came on the back of an explosive second half which effectively blew the Italians out of the water.

Australians worldwide are gobsmacked at the current winning streak which includes victories against an aging South African side, and injury hit All Blacks team and an Italian team more interested in sunbathing and doing their hair than playing rugby. Despite this Australians are talking up this winning streak as the greatest sporting achievement in Australian rugby in the last four years. Ironically they are probably correct, which says a lot about the four years Judas Deans has had at the helm of this ragged mob.

After the match Deans couldn’t help but be excited about the result, even adding the needed 34 ‘mate’ references in the interview to prove he really is Australian.
“Mate, I am happier than a dingo on heat at the moment, mate. Mate, to win 3 games on the trot, mate, with this outfit, really says something about my coaching. Mate, ignore the fact we have lost 32 times to the All Blacks in the last 4 years. Mate, just look at our last 3 games, we are on fire, mate, mate, mate.
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Do you get the feeling that Robbie Dean woke up this morning with that familiar feeling following his last 10 games against the ALL BLACKS. I wonder if the same radio station was playing, becuase the same newspaper articles will be published……

Aussies lack of real firepower

Aussies lack of real fitness

Aussies lack of a real goal kicker

Aussie perform well in the first half

Aussie fold like a deck of cards in the final 20.


Robbie Deans - NZRFU secret agent performing better than expected

It is a well known fact that following the last World Cup Graham Henry was employed to take the team to the 2011 World Cup. It is a lesser known fact that at the same time hand picked secret agents were sent around the world to disrupt the opposition teams build up to the same tournament. Robbie Deans (agent number 007) was sent to Australia and Peter de Villiers (agent number 006) sent to South Africa. So far the NZ rugby Union is impressed at both secret agents and the respective jobs they are doing.

However, that wasn’t the always the case. If we wind the clock back three months there were some within the RFU were questioning the value of our overseas agents. Peter de Villiers was the most disappointing. Despite doing his best to disrupt everything within South African rugby it had gone from strength to strength following 2008. First he bought in crazy selections, then idiotic comments and finally an aging team. Despite this his players had consistently won and at times made the All Blacks look second rate.

But agent 006 has come into his own in 2010, introducing a kicking game plan stolen from a 1950 English rugby tactics book, and since then his results have been superb.  His players look dumbfounded, without vision and one dimensional. Agent 006 is back on track.

Closer to home Robbie Deans has defiantly been a better secret agent of the two. Winning his first game against the All Blacks was all part of the master plan to gain confidence amongst the Aussie public. Once this was established he worked his infiltration plan perfectly and now the Yellow submarines have lost 9 on the trot,. Deans has been instrumental in developing the Aussie team into a train wreck of a side. Rumours that some of the big wigs at the NZRFU have been a little unhappy with Deans style have been hard to pin down. Some say he is being too obvious and loosing so many on the trot may blow his cover as an NZRFU secret agent.

So with the 2010 Tri Nations basically sown up and the Bledisloe Cup back in the cabinet things will change with the All Blacks. My prediction is that you will see the Black team lose in Hong Kong. The reason is simple. To try and cover for Deans losing so many and potentially blowing his cover as a secret agent a meaningless 4th game in Hong Kong was pencilled into the calendar. This was essentially a ‘Give A Way’ test for the All Blacks that would be lost to Deans in order to win a little support from home. Mark my words.


Robbie Deans - NZRFU secret agent sent over to disrupt the Aussie team is doing a wonderful job.