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CAPTION CONTEST – Shane Warne and Liz Hurley

With all the excitement of the Shane Warne and Liz Hurley show perhaps it is time we did a caption contest. Here is a recent snap of the two at the races. What do you think they are saying?


Even when he is not playing Shane Warne has a huge affect on the English batters. Here he gets the better of them in the recent Ashes test. All this while stuffing his mouth with a KFC burger.


Shane Warne receives a standing ovation from his team as he becomes the fattest Australian to date a supermodel.

Shane Warne has delivered the knockout delivery of his career, clean bowling super model Liz Hurley. Revelations that Warne has been having an affair with Hurley came out today as the super model announced her separation from her husband and the acknowledgment that she and Warne had formed a partnership.

At this stage the true story is hard to pin down but it is believed that Hurley fell for the tubby Australian after seeing him exiting a swimming pool during filming for a rather raunchy KFC advert.  Sources on the set say that once she saw Warne emerging from the water, like a beached whale, she feel head of heels for the man. Apparently, after years of dating the hottest men in the world and those relationships failing, Hurley thought she might jump to the other end of the spectrum and try an over weight Aussie cricketer.

Obviously at this stage the media around the world is in a frenzy. Tweets are fling left and right, while the newsprint are having a field day. Australian daily the Sydney Morning Herald went with the headline ‘Victory for the Pie Eater’ while the usually conservative Outback Chronicle described this event as ‘ a defining moment in the history of the average Aussie male’. And quite frankly who can argue. Here we see a white, overweight, balding man able to seduce a supermodel. If that doesn’t inspire Aussie males to drink more beer and neglect their bodies I don’t see what will. Shane Warne has just become the hero millions of aging, potbellied, arm chair sportsmen.

This was the picture, taken during a KFC advert, that sent Hurley wild.

At this stage Australian Cricket has yet to comment, preferring to wait until the covers are off on this topic. Earlier this week Shane Warne had been considering making a comeback at the age of 41 to help Australia become competitive in the final 3 matches. That fact that Warne has been sleeping with the enemy ( Hurley is British) wont endear him to Ricky Ponting , although it must be remembered that his current fling is longer than any partnership any of the current Aussie batters have yet to muster.