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John Key parties following All White's victory

John Key used his PM privileges today to watch the All Whites in their historic draw with Italy. The PM wore all white for the game but that was soon gone as the PM was caught up in the emotion and took his shirt off and chanted with the large group of New Zealand supporters. Rumours that some supporters had to hold the PM back from streaking following Smelts early strike have not been denied by the National Party.

Yes that is Chris Carter in the top right. He  used his vast number of airpoints to pay for the trip although and was not involved in any shenanigans. Spending the time watching all the men, including our PM, with their shirts off.

John key celebrates with the All White fans


How well will the All Whites go?

Welcome back to another Con Vie installment. For those unfamiliar with my posts each week I leave a question as a starter for conversation between readers. This weeks question;

How well will the All Whites go?

Come on you All Whites

I may have only been 4 years old when the All Whites last made it to the World Cup, (Spain 1982) but I am still excited by the massive football game on this Saturday. New Zealand will take on Bahrain in a ‘winner takes all’ game for a spot in the World Cup. As far as sporting events in this country it is up there with an All Black test in my opinion. After a great result in Bahrain, the All Whites just need a victory in front of 30,000 screaming football fans and the game is ours. However, could the lack of an away goal come back and haunt us – perhaps. Qualification for the World Cup would be massive on many front, least of which I would be forced into getting Sky TV reinstalled for the World Cup.  Personally I think the boys will do it with a 2-0 victory in the driving rain of Wellington.

Like all great sporting occassions the need for a song is paramount. In 1982 New Zealand came up with this classic ‘Heading for the Top’.

This year we have a new song to get us all excited and pumped for the game. In 2009 they have named the tune ‘One shot for Glory’. I kinda like the new tune, especially the little comments put in overtop.