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Andy Roddick shows that he has more to his game than just a big serve. Here he produces the most amazing winning on Championship point.

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The world best tennis shot. Forget Roger’s between the legs rubbish this is pure class.

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James McOnie has cahllenged tennis star Ana Ivanovic to bomb competition. See who wins.


Andy Murray has restored the public’s faith in British sport after his 3 sets to love defeat to Novak Djokovic in yesterday’s Australian Open Men’s Final. It was classic British sport all the way, complete with over the top media predictions and wild off the mark public hysteria. But it wasn’t all the media’s doing, with Murray coming to the party and performing like a classic British sportsman, caught in the blazing headlights of expectation and inferior ability.

British sport had lots it form laterly with the cricket team winning the Ashes with ease and other sporting codes performing consistently. Thankfully Murray has provided some balance and normality to the British sporting scene.

One of the key aspects to this result was the fact that no British has won a Tennis Grand Slam in 75 years. Murray played on this perfectly and his loss yesterday is perfect for Wimbledon Tennis Champs, where the media will be able to get excited over this fact for an entire 2 weeks, until Murray loses in the final again.

BBC Sporting CEO Frederick Winterbottom, was excited about the Murray result and had this to say to Ozy Mandias Warning. “For a classic British sporting event you need maximum public anticipation, excessive media hype followed by an under performing sporting display. Thankfully Murray provided that and we just hope that our teams in the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup and the IRB Rugby world Cup replicate some of Murray’s form. We are sick and tired of the Ashes result where our boys played like Australia.”


Welcome to live coverage of the Australian Open Mens Final between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. Both players have come through tough semi final encounters and both will be pushing hard to claim the Australian Open title. Will Murray become the first Brit to win a Grand Slam since Adam was on the ark or will Djokovic add to his 2008 victory in this tournament. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE COVERAGE
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Thousands of women have left the Australian Open in disgust as Rafael Nadal crashed out of the Australian Tennis Open to Carlos Ferrer last night. Many of these women had bought tickets to watch the sweaty Spaniard hitting balls in 35 degree heat and they are obviously distraught after last night’s results.

Despite claiming to have a weak hamstring, Nadal was run ragged by Ferrer who seems to hit the corner of the court with ease throughout the match. This is the second successive year the women of Australia have been denied seeing their man in the Semi Finals, and it is starting to annoy some of the locals. A facebook page entitle ‘give Rafar a free ride to the semis’ has already been started with over 50,000 women members already. Many of these women were already annoyed at Nadal, who had worn a traditional tennis shirt this year, as opposed to his usual bicep enhancing muscle t-shirt he had worn in previous years.

New Zealand Tennis correspondent Rikki Swannell, a long time Rafar fan, was distraught at the latest results. Ozy Mandias Warning tried to contact the commentator, but she was not answer her calls this morning and was distinctly absent on twitter. Obviously part of the perk of an Aussie Open correspondent is being close to Nadal and being paid to look at him. With Nadal gone that means that all that is left for Swannell is a pasty white Scotsman, a greasy Spaniard and a boring Swiss man. Radio Sport is expecting a call this morning from Swannell advising them she is on her way home.
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A new dance is taking the world by storm and it has been invented by German tennis star Andrea Petkovic. Usually known for starting wars and high quality automobiles, it is a strange that such exuberance could come from such a conservative race of people. But Petkovic is not your normal German.

After defeating  Maria Sharapova in the Aussie Open 4th round she even joked with the commentators and smiled. In the interview she explained how her recent ranking rise in the world of women’s tennis, coincided with her victory dance. This dance, known as the Petkovic Jive is now famous.


Men are terrible gossips. We already knew that, but it was nice nonetheless to see Kim Clijsters expose one of them in front of a national television audience yesterday.

Clijsters’ eyes lit up when she saw Todd Woodbridge wander on court to interview her for Channel Seven after her centre court win, then in the middle of their chat started up with some questions of her own.

”By the way. Rennae Stubbs showed me a text message that you wrote to her in Sydney, about me. You thought I was pregnant?” she inquired of a mortified Woodbridge, who had noted in the text that Clijsters ”looks really grumpy, and her boobs are bigger”.

He conceded afterwards that he had experienced his first-ever ”Shane Warne moment”.

Clijsters (who for the record isn’t expecting baby No2) found out about the message after a practice session on Wednesday.

”We were sitting around talking, laughing away. We were talking about babies, having a second one and all of a sudden she goes, ‘Yeah … Todd last week in Sydney wrote me a message during your match saying that he already thought you were pregnant’,” she laughed.

”I was like, ‘oh, really’ And then she showed me. So when I walked out there it’s like, ‘OK … I’m going to get him back now’.”

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Winning speeches are hard to do at the best of times. With the Australian Open starting soon perhaps it is time to check out one of the greatest victory speeches of all time. Below is Marat Safin’s victory speech from 2005 when he thanked everyone from the security guards to Hewitt’s girlfriend. I can guarantee this years winning speech wont be quite so good.

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