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Tonight the Tour de France starts. Very, very exciting. To get you in the mood here is a vidoe of the course

Here are the big guns in this year’s tour




Fabian Cancellara won the opening stage of the Tour de France yesterday, a 8.9km time trial around the docks of Rotterdam. The talk prior to the race had not been the usual doping of humans but the doping of bikes. In particular there had been whispers that Cancellara has a motor on his bike enabling him to reach speeds similar to the autobahn in Germany.

Cancellara, the man known as Spartacus,  has  called these claims rubbish although the rumour mill will be working overtime again today after Cancellara used a very suspicious bike in the opening time trial. Cancellara’s bike looked very similar to the latest ducati and the fact that he had to stop at a petrol station 5.3km into the time trial raised some questions from the reporters covering the race. Equally suspicious was large noise coming from the speedster but in the press conference after the race he explained it was due to the high gear he was pushing.

However, due to the pre race gossip the organisers of the Tour de France have this year initiated a x-ray system for all bikes. Basically this means that every bike is x-rayed following each stage to determine if there are any motorised parts to the bike. To dispel all rumours the official x ray of Fabian Cancellara was given to reporters following the stage and as you can there is no hint of any cheating from the Swiss rider.

Cancellara's x-ray following the first stage of the TdF