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It is not good practice to judge other people. Most of the time we don’t like it when people judge us so we shouldn’t do it to others. Here is the reason why.



A little Commonwealth Games humour. Sit back and relax.


Today is the 1st October which happens to be World Vegetarian Day and the beginning of Vegetarian Awareness Month (VAM for short). Now while I respect peoples right to eat what they like,  personally I am a meatatarian. I see no value in eating just veges and fruit all day. While these are nice as side dishes the real heart of any meal is the meat.

In my youth I actually managed to eat through an entire meat tray I won at touch rugby competition with the help of a friend. My wife had commented that we would be unable to eat all of the meat on that tray in one sitting. I proved her wrong in a matter of a few hours.

Tonight I am on dinner in  my house. To celebrate I will be having mince, bacon and ham in the same meal. To finish lets look at a couple of humour videos about vegetarians.

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Hurling watermelons with a giant slingshot sounds like great fun. But beware there is a consequence as a American reality show recently proved.

A contestant on the CBS show ‘The Amazing Race’ was competing in an event where they had to aim watermelons at suits of armour.

After a couple of misses came th moment of truth. The watermelon got stuck in the slingshot and was flung back at Claire Champlain, straight at her head.

It smashed into her face where it exploded (the watermelon, not her face) leaving Champlain lying on the floor in agony. Watch it below

Making fraction videos in class

Last week I began a new unit on fractions in Maths. After a couple of lessons going over some of the basics I showed a very simple YOUTUBE clip about fractions. My hope was to just provide some different examples about fractions to my students.

As I was watching the clip I thought that we could do the same in our class. So with no planning at the conclusion of the video I got them into groups, gave them a few parameters and then let them go.
My aim was to get them done in 4 lessons including the first lesson with the original video.

We completed it easily. Here is an outline of the lessons.
Lesson 1 – YOU TUBE clip / into groups / parameters / write intro
Lesson 2 – write ‘what is a fraction’ and key terms.
Lesson 3 – write worked examples / write on big sheets of paper
Lesson 4 – video on flip view

I then took the videos home and used coral video to make them. Took 5 minutes each one and this saved wasting more lessons on the students doing video work. After all it was a maths task and not and ICT task.
I was pleased with the process the students had to include how to add or subtract fractions and I did no teaching on this so the video served as an eye opener into this process. I will need to teach this aspect as the videos proved some groups have not grasped this concept yet.

I also found doing it quickly a benefit. We didn’t waste lots of time but the students certainly learnt lots. Sometimes we waste so much time doing these types of activities they end up hindering learning.
Here is an example of one of the finished videos. Hope you enjoy.


Chaos in the class today. For Maths we were finishing off some videos on fractions we had started as a class. There were kids everywhere, paper everywhere, cameras everywhere and one rather grumpy teacher trying to get things going!!

In the end we got there. Four lessons to plan, write, video and then edit a movie is a tough ask by the teacher but we got there. To cap off the day I got to eat the chocolate cakes that were used in the videos. YUM. Videos and lesson structure will come in the next few days.


The Icelandic club side Stjarnan has made headlines with crazy goal celebrations. Here are a couple. Might have to try them out myself.

Seinfeld drama coming soon

I have been a fan of Seinfield for sometime. Therefore, I am really excited by the news it is being made into a drama.

The Christmas Story.. and dont you forget it.

Didn’t intend on posting today but saw this video in Church today and thought it was good enough to share. When most of the world sees today as a holiday this video is a reminder of what should be our focus around this time of year.