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Tackle of the week from the girlie World Cup of Rugby.

Forget Roger Federer’s flurry of through-the-legs winners: Victor Hanescu offers up some class of his own. Watch carefully

Goal keeper save of the week goes to a Shinty player. Here he saves the match winning penalty with his head.


Finger Tutting

Surprisingly for a man so in tuned with the world I have never come across the term ‘Finger Tutting’ before. Now for those as uneducated as me Tutting is the name given to a contemporary style that exploits the body’s ability to create geometric positions and movements. Obviously, with Finger Tutting this is performed with your fingers.

New Zealand has had many a Finger Tutterers. the first recorded incident by a New Zealand was from Andrew Mehrtensfollowing a successful drop goal against the Bulls in the Super 12 a few years back. Since that day Tutting has made huge strides and those aggressive day of Mehrtens are now behind us.

The reason I introduce the topic of Tutting is that the following video was made by a friend of mine down in Christchurch. Hope you enjoy.

Finger Tutting – Jordan Phillips from Craig Forster on Vimeo.

Church Videos

Quality church resources are often hard to find. Even when you do find stuff it is often wrong or in a poor, unusable format. However, I have found the solution. MAX7 is a fantastic site filled with quaility, freee, videos and multi media resources for your use. They are easy to view and then download and the quality is excellent.

At a recent church meeting our pastor played with video and its style struck a chord with me. To often in life we strive to be the best when aiming lower is far easier. With this attitude it was no surprise my motto at University was the old mantra – C’s GET DEGREES.

I also realy enjoyed these videos on the same site. These are videos of Jesus’ life taken from the view of a common fly. There are a few videos each looking at a different aspects and events within the life of Jesus.