‘Ozymandias Warning’ is the blog of me, Ozy Mandias. I started this blog in 2008 as a sort of ‘New Years Goal’ to see if I could do it for the entire year. That year has passed but the blog still lives on!!

My Book is Finally CompletedI have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of writing and coming up with witty, funny and relevant posts every week. Ozymandias Warning is now into its second year and is growing an developing steadily. I now have a steady readership of two; one being me and the other being my wife. The highlight of the last 18 months was the release of the Ozymandias Warning book ‘I’m Alarmed’. Sales were exceptional with a total of 5 books produced and individually signed.

This blog aims to offer a range of topics and unique thoughts for readers. Essentially I try and use everyday topics to find a little humour and perhaps a small moral message. My hope is that you read a post, enjoy it a little (or disagree) and then feel free to leave a comment.




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