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Welcome to live coverage of the Australian Open Mens Final between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic. Both players have come through tough semi final encounters and both will be pushing hard to claim the Australian Open title. Will Murray become the first Brit to win a Grand Slam since Adam was on the ark or will Djokovic add to his 2008 victory in this tournament. CLICK HERE FOR LIVE COVERAGE
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Thousands of women have left the Australian Open in disgust as Rafael Nadal crashed out of the Australian Tennis Open to Carlos Ferrer last night. Many of these women had bought tickets to watch the sweaty Spaniard hitting balls in 35 degree heat and they are obviously distraught after last night’s results.

Despite claiming to have a weak hamstring, Nadal was run ragged by Ferrer who seems to hit the corner of the court with ease throughout the match. This is the second successive year the women of Australia have been denied seeing their man in the Semi Finals, and it is starting to annoy some of the locals. A facebook page entitle ‘give Rafar a free ride to the semis’ has already been started with over 50,000 women members already. Many of these women were already annoyed at Nadal, who had worn a traditional tennis shirt this year, as opposed to his usual bicep enhancing muscle t-shirt he had worn in previous years.

New Zealand Tennis correspondent Rikki Swannell, a long time Rafar fan, was distraught at the latest results. Ozy Mandias Warning tried to contact the commentator, but she was not answer her calls this morning and was distinctly absent on twitter. Obviously part of the perk of an Aussie Open correspondent is being close to Nadal and being paid to look at him. With Nadal gone that means that all that is left for Swannell is a pasty white Scotsman, a greasy Spaniard and a boring Swiss man. Radio Sport is expecting a call this morning from Swannell advising them she is on her way home.
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A new dance is taking the world by storm and it has been invented by German tennis star Andrea Petkovic. Usually known for starting wars and high quality automobiles, it is a strange that such exuberance could come from such a conservative race of people. But Petkovic is not your normal German.

After defeating  Maria Sharapova in the Aussie Open 4th round she even joked with the commentators and smiled. In the interview she explained how her recent ranking rise in the world of women’s tennis, coincided with her victory dance. This dance, known as the Petkovic Jive is now famous.

Aussie Open Mens Final 2010

 Tonight we have the Scot Andy Murray playing Roger Federer. The pretender verses the King. Who will win. Watching with me, Sportkiwi, and helping with comments we have Rossco and Terminator. Both with years of TV sport watching experience.

Terminator – Federer in 4
Rossco – Federer in straight sets – as good as the Scottish football team
Sport Kiwi – Federer in a classic 5 setter.
9:32pm – Mrs Rossco just arrived with a platter of food and beverage!!!! Fantastic. Rossco shuns the food for a late snack of toast. Bad move.
9:34pm – Players on court. Murray looks like a cat caught in the headlights. Federer gets the bigger roar and looks confident. Perhaps a 3 setter is on!!
9:38pm – Termiantor disappointed with the size of the TV and with the speed of the warm up.
9:38pm – Where is the ball boy who wet his pants??
9:44pm – Federer struggles through the first. Murray had a chance but according to the  Terminator he lost it.
9:48pm – Federer wins first break with a couple of big ground strokes. Rossco says you should never give Federer a sniff. Was this the sniff he was talking about??
9:52pm – Murray strikes back with Star Wars accuracy. Termiantor believe the volume is too loud. I agree but he cant hear me.
9:58pm- Rossco is happy with the service in the stands as Mrs Rossco brings in the hot drinks. Both Terminator and Rossco worried there is noone listening. Is there anyone in the world following us??
10:22pm- Federer broken Murray again. Serving for the match now. Just seen Federer’s wife in the stands. Rossco wondering who is looking after the kids and should CYF be called.
10:26pm – Federer wins first set 6-3.
Rossco – Federer marches on relentlessly
Terminator– Federer like a Tiger pounced when he needed too.
Sportkiwi – Murray in trouble, must win second set.
10:29pm -Murray wins first serve. Must be the new white shirt.
10:38pm – Federer ups the level to break Murray and go 2-1 up and serving. Terminator wonders if the Scot is withering.
10:58pm – Murray in real trouble in the second. Conversation has turned to name supression.
11:00pm – Murray comes back from the death in the 7th game. Terminator now more interested in the cricket and for a Pakistan victory.
11:06pm – Federer munches Murray in 59 seconds in the 8th game.
11:11pm – Federer wraps up the second in 6-4.
Rossco – I’m off to bed
Terminator– Total dominance. Federer not giving a sniff.
Sportkiwi – Braveheart come back needed.
11:15pm – Murray wins first game. Could this be the start of the great comeback.
11:34pm – Murray breaks Federer. Rossco may have departed early!!!
11:42pm – Murray leads Federer 5-2 in the third. Terminator speechless or tired……..
11:48pm – Murray lets things slip as Federer pulls a break back. Pure class from the FedExpress. Can Murray come back from that!!!
12:08pm – Tie break time. Murray chokes from 5-2 up. Terminator about to go home. Murray looks tired.
12:16pm – Tie breaker tense and my palms are sweating. Murray holding on by the skin of his haggis.
12:16pm – 16 Ace for Federer. Match Point.
12:17pm – Murray holds on. Haggis intact.
12:19pm – Federer with another match point. One point needed for Grand Slam 16… 
12:20pm – Murray saves.. again.. BUMMER LOW BATTERY…
12:22pm – Yet another set point. tie breaker going 18minutes. 3rd time lucky…
Sweet 16 for Roger as Murray hits a drive into the net.
Goodbye and goodnight