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Today is the 1st October which happens to be World Vegetarian Day and the beginning of Vegetarian Awareness Month (VAM for short). Now while I respect peoples right to eat what they like,  personally I am a meatatarian. I see no value in eating just veges and fruit all day. While these are nice as side dishes the real heart of any meal is the meat.

In my youth I actually managed to eat through an entire meat tray I won at touch rugby competition with the help of a friend. My wife had commented that we would be unable to eat all of the meat on that tray in one sitting. I proved her wrong in a matter of a few hours.

Tonight I am on dinner in  my house. To celebrate I will be having mince, bacon and ham in the same meal. To finish lets look at a couple of humour videos about vegetarians.

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Who will win the 2010/11 Premiership title?

Welcome back to another Con Vie installment. For those unfamiliar with my posts each week I leave a question as a starter for conversation between readers. This weeks question;

Who will win the 2010/11 Premiership title?

What is your mum's best dish?

Welcome back to another Con Vie installment. For those unfamiliar with my posts each week I leave a question as a starter for conversation between readers. This weeks question;

What is your mum’s best dish?

Mother's Day – Give me strength

What on earth is wrong with the world. I have just logged onto The Herald web page and an article entitle ‘Kids, don’t poison mum this Mother’s Day’caught my attention. It caught my attention because I have spent hours this year preparing for Mother’s Day this Sunday. Sadly those plans now lay in tatters. The article was warning inexperienced chefs to follow basic hygiene etiquette this Mother’s Day if they are planning on making your special person breakfast in bed. The results if they don’t could be catastrophic.

” The Food Safety Council is encouraging inexperienced cooks to ensure they are hygienic and clean if and when they try their hand in the kitchen on Sunday. “Those wanting the perfect day for Mum may be creating kitchen treats without much experience so it’s important for them to carry out the food safety basics,” council executive Juliana Madden said.”

Many people may think this kind of advice is over the top but as a responsible parent I will be taking this advice to heart and my plan of breakfast in bed has now gone by the wayside. I will now be planning something else.

Incidentally, the bunch of roses that I have painstakingly grown over the last 4 months will also have to go as the Gardening Safety Council has also come out with a warning that inappropriate flower arrangements are incredibly dangerous. This comes after one man was seriously injured last Valentines day when a stray rose thorn got caught in his ear lobe.

I had then planned to then take our wonderful mum to the beach on Sunday afternoon but with the Tsunami Alert Foundation urging caution around New Zealand beaches I think that it is probably better to stay at home. Next on our planned Mother’s Day was a voucher for a relaxing facial at an upmarket spa complex. This will also have to be put on hold as The Cancer Foundation has recently come forward and said that regular application of make-up causes cancer and hormonal conditions.

As you can see this leaves very few options for the ‘average man’. On the one hand we are told to act romantically and put our wifes first. Yet on the other side we have warnings that our very acts of romance and appreciation are causing the ones we love hardache. Therefore, I think I will just let Mother’s Day run its course this Sunday and hopefully the Women’s Foundation against Apathitic Men, who are probably editing their press release now, will stay off my back.

What is the most interesting thing you have eaten?

Welcome back to another Con Vie installment. For those unfamiliar with my posts each week I leave a question as a starter for conversation between readers. This weeks question;

What is the most interesting thing you have ever eaten?

First 'Class Chaos' Post

There is always something eciting about you first post in a blog. I have been blogging for a number of years at Ozymandias Warning and Kiwi Kids News but today I embark on a different journey.

My goals are three fold;

1. Reflect on the trials and positives oftrying to cincorporate ICT into my class.

2. I would like to provide links to cool stuff on the web.

3. I would like to stir the pot a little. From my experience we are far to willing to embrace technology like a long lost prodigal son. By doing this we adopt technologies that don’t actually improve learning, waste time and don’t achieve what we really want.

Racism rife in New Zealand

Gingernuts1The biscuit industry is in uproar in Australia with news that Australian biscuit company Coles will change the name of an in-house brand of biscuits, amid claims it is racist.

Coles Spokesman Jim Cooper said the name of the brand of chocolate and vanilla biscuits, called Creole Creams, will be changed as part of the company-wide rebranding of Coles products. The name change comes on the back of claims of racism, with the word Creole used to describe a person of mixed European and African ancestry.

Sadly, though this kind of racism is not just limited to Australia. Here is New Zealand some of the staff at Griffins and Arnott’s need to take a good long look in the mirror. The world of biscuits and morning tea in New Zealand is a hot bed of racism and insensitive bullying.

Let’s start with the obvious New Zealand example, Ginger Nuts. This is a classic biscuit which pokes fun at one of New Zealand’s most marginalised groups, those with red hair. Rumour has it that when trying to find a name other variations on the hair theme were used, but you would have to agree that Blonde Nuts and Mousey Brown Nuts doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Picking on the war and the thousands that gave up their lives is a major theme in naming biscuits within New Zealand. There is the classic ANZAC biscuit, which must be in line for a name change in this PC world. To name a biscuit after an event that killed so many people is truly insensitive. Next up we have Afgan biscuits, name after the 9 year long Russian-Afghanistan war. Incidentally, this war killed just under 100,000 military and an estimated 2 million civilians. Think about that the next time you chomp down an Afgan at morning break.

Sadly, there are plenty of other items that need a name change this week. Eskimo lollies will need to go as they are offensive to the Eskimo people. Belgian biscuits will need a name change because people might assume Belgians all have pink tops and sprinkle themselves with jelly crystals every morning. Coconut rough, that tasty chocolate treat will need to go for obvious reasons. Wine biscuits, always a favourite of mine, will need to change because people might believe they are made with real wine. Hundred and thousands biscuits could be done for false advertising as there is no waya  thousand of those little things on a single biscuit. Even the term dark chocolate, used often in toffee pops and mellow puffs, has a sinister undertone which I am sure could offend someone.  Sadly, racism is just as rife in our cafés as well. This morning did you go with the short black or the long white for your daily fix.

So beware. Everywhere you go tomorrow you run the risk of being racist towards a fellow human just be the biscuit you decide to eat at morning tea. Choose you biscuit carefully.