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Man Utd v Livepool is one of Footballs greatest games and with the team having played each other in the weekend lets have a look at a 1987/88 season classic.
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Liverpool’s latest signing shows that he has a darker side to his goal scoring ability. Lets hope Liverpool provide plenty of blood so he doesn’t have to find it from the oppositions neck.

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With 2/3 of the season gone are Liverpool in danger of being relegated? Currently they sit in 13th position on the English Premier League ladder. A  disappointing 25 points from 21 games leaves this once mighty club only 4 points above the relegation zone and jostling with teams such as Wigan, Wolves and Fulham.

When a high flying team does have a bad season people always bring out the ‘they are too good to go down’ line. Added to this people have talked up the return of Dalglish as a good thing for the club  However, following todays’ 2-1 loss Blackpool, serious questions must be asked about the clubs ability to stay up. There seems to be issues with good players underperforming and the structure of the club.

Looking into the fixture list is hardly going to spurt confidence into Liverpool supporters and players. To be safe they will probably need about 20 points in their last games 15 or so games. Not as easy as it sounds looking at their current form. At home they still have to play Everton, Man Utd, Man City and Tottenham Hotspur which will be extremely difficult. There other home games include Stoke, Birmingham, Wigan and Newcastle, so some tough defensively minded teams there for Liverpool to find a way past.

Looking at their away trips they have Wolves, Chelsea, West Ham, Sunderland, WBA, Arsenal, Fulham and Villa. Not easy especially when all teams will be looking for points at the back end of the season.

One bright spark is Liverpool’s last 5 games, which includes Birmingham, Newcastle, Fulham, Spurs and Villa. Three of these are at home and the rest, except for the mighty Spurs, are teams that Liverpool should be able to live with. In saying that I would have said the same about their recent game with Blackpool.